episode 1 choosing to carry despite terminal diagnosis

Episode # 1 Choosing to Carry Despite Terminal Diagnosis

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Hey friend, if you can’t tell by the title, this episode is a heavy one. My daughter was diagnosed with several congenital anomalies that deemed her “incompatible with life” back in 2010. I was told to terminate the pregnancy of my unborn baby. The weight of her conditions was kept between my midwives, doctors, my husband, our parents, and myself. I was not comfortable talking about them much while I carried her with anyone outside of our bubble.

Once she was born and after she passed, I was ready to share her sweet precious life with the world. I sat down at my Dad’s computer a couple of days after her short life in the hospital and typed out every detail and posted it to an old blog I had. It was cathartic and special to share her story in this way.

Today I’m sharing part of that story but in a different way.  The blog post I wrote was an overview or summary and so when it came time to write my book I was able to deep dive into the nitty-gritty details which spanned over several chapters. 
In this episode, you will get to hear me read one of the chapters that walk through a portion of the journey with my daughter, Mary Alice. Consider this a special treat. As of this writing, I have yet to record the audio version of the book…. I’ve even gone back and forth on whether I should record this particular episode, but I want you to really know my heart. I want you to know that whenever you listen to an episode of this show and you have not read my story, you know a bit of where I’m speaking from. 

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