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Episode #5 Talking with Kids About Miscarriage and Infant Loss Pt. 2

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In today’s show, I get to talk with the children’s book author, Megan Lacourrege. She a wife, mother, a 2014 graduate of Tulane University where she double-majored in English and Musical Theatre and the author of the children’s book, My Sibling Still.

During Megan’s time at Tulane, she found her passion for creative writing and even had a short story published in a literary journal! She began to see her writing as a real way of sharing her ideas and feelings with others.

Soon after college, she got married. She and her husband have 4 children total. Unfortunately, they’ve lost two of them to miscarriage, but are still blessed to raise two here on Earth. 

After her  2nd loss, she was drawn in a very special way to write the children’s book, My Sibling Still. It is her deep hope that My Sibling Still, is a healing resource for families who have suffered the sorrow of losing a child. 

I connected with Megan through social media some time ago as a fellow pregnancy loss mom and author. I had the opportunity to review her book, My Sibling Still, for my blog and recommend it anytime I hear of a child needing to process the loss of their sibling when dealing with the everyday occurrences of life. 

Megan has such a gentle and understanding way about her towards children and how they process grief that I knew I had to have her on the show to share her story and heart on this very topic.

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