Holly Colonna

Episode #9 Embracing Parenting After Loss

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In this episode, I talk with fellow pregnancy and infant loss mom, Mrs. Holly Colonna.

She is a 34 yr old Christ-follower, married to her high school sweetheart, and together they’ve had 3 pregnancies: identical twins whom they lost through miscarriage in 2014; their son Benjamin who died when he was 10 weeks old in 2015, and their twins Chase and Gemma arrived in 2016 and are 4 years old. Holly is the co-host of the podcast Through the Lens: Gospel-drive conversations on hope in the heartache. She’s also an Exercise Physiologist and currently works as a virtual fitness coach.

I connected with Holly a couple years ago and was even a guest on her show, Through The Lens. We’ve stayed in touch and she has even become my fitness coach. We talk often of trying to balance all the hats and giving ourselves grace to be okay with never having it all together. 

Holly is always dropping nuggets of wisdom that help me shape my perspective. I know you will love her too.

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