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Home Decor Printable To Organize Thoughts

Have you been starring at a blank space for months wondering what you should make of it? This has been me… for the past year and a half since moving into our new home. My thoughts needed to be organized. If only I had a home decor planner.

I had so many ideas, but had been overwhelmed as to how to bring it all together. I realized that I was focusing too much on the bigger picture and needed to fine-tune my attention. When I would go to a home decor store, or visit my local flea market and come home with some neat items I bought on a whim, but then realized they didn’t work the way I imagined.

free home decor planner printable

Why My Home Decor Pieces Didn’t Work

I had a general idea or home decor style I wanted for different areas of my home, but when I would be out shopping I’d have my kids in tow which made for quick trips with no real train of thoughts. I would end up grabbing a few things I thought were cute and hoped I could throw something nice together.

Yes, I could make the home decor pieces work, but in the end I felt my decorating looked thrown together instead of intentional and ended up with decorations I didn’t really want. I was wasting money.

It was after all these months of a failing cycle that I knew if I really wanted to make something of my home then I would need to put a plan together.

How To Create A Home Decor Plan

We’ve all heard the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant?… One bite at a time.” It was that same philosophy I used when mapping out a plan for decorating my home. I established what I wanted the over-all style of my home to be, but I could no longer stay fully-focused on the bigger picture.

It was time to split this project into bite-sizes (i.e. one room at a time).

How To Decide Which Room To Decorate First

  • Start at one end of your house and work your way across; completing one room at a time until you’ve got a beautifully-decorated home.
  • Start with the smallest room and work your way to the biggest. Think of it like a snowball. Once you finish that tiny room, you’ll gain momentum to tackle the next room and the next.
  • Start with the easiest and work your way to the hardest. Same concept as the previous suggestion- as you see the easier rooms come together, you’ll have more confidence to create a space you love in the harder rooms.
  • Lastly, start where you are most excited. Just like the previous ideas, you will be itching to decorate the spaces you are dreading because you will feel experienced enough to handle them.

Organizing My Home Decor Plan

I used a combination of the suggestions above to decide which room I was to decorate first. I decided to start from the left-side of my home and work my way to the right. Then I decided to pick one of the smaller rooms on the left which happened to be easy and I was itching to make this space functional.

My laundry room. It’s a small space with a lot of open storage and no real way to organize laundry. Surprisingly, laundry duty was a task I had grown to enjoy, but since moving into our new home I dreaded the thought of it.

I kept notes of ideas for the room in my head, scratch papers, and my phone. For something I wanted to be more organized and intentional about I still felt very dis-organized. I knew I had to create something.

A Home Decor Printable Planner

I know I’m not the only busy mother, wife, and lady who wants a meaningful and beautiful home so I’ve decided to offer this 5-page planner for FREE! It’s in PDF format so you can save and print as many times as you want!

The planner includes:

  • A cover page with a quick overview of the room, goals, theme/color, and budget
  • A breakdown of details for the room
  • An extended need/want list
  • A to-do checklist
  • A grid-page to brainstorm ideas and the layout of decorations

Get Your FREE Home Decor Planner Below!

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~Rosemary Pope

free home decor planner printable

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