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FREE Miscarriage Journal Prompts

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After a miscarriage or infant loss, it can be hard to work through your thoughts and emotions. You know you need to get them out there, but sometimes you may not have someone to talk to or you need someone to “listen” without judgment. These needs aren’t always available. You may feel the urge to write, but when you grab a pen and paper your mind draws a blank and the overwhelming surge fills you again. After much thought, I created this FREE Miscarriage Journal Prompts Printable for moms just like you.

I know the pain of miscarriage and infant loss all too well. I am a mother to eight children- four in Heaven and four here on Earth. There were many emotions surrounding each miscarriage or pregnancy loss that it was hard to work through them at times. When I have looked back through my keepsakes from these losses I’ve found recurring items… random spirals and notebooks filled with parts of my story and the emotions I felt at the time. Journaling after miscarriage helped my mind process what I went through.

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Why someone may need miscarriage journal prompts

Maybe you feel like a soda bottle that’s been shaken up and any moment you will burst with emotions spewing everywhere. You feel the urge to write and get a few words out, but it’s just not enough. I feel you, I see you. There are many stages on how to deal with a miscarriage or infant loss. You want to get into miscarriage journaling to relieve your emotions but need some direction.

What miscarriage journal prompts are included in the printable?

  • Anything bothering you today?
    • It really helps to get the negative thoughts off your chest.
  • My prayer for today.
    • God wants you to cast your cares on him. (paraphrase 1 Peter 5:7)
  • Good things that happened today
    • Looking for the good can be encouraging for the soul.
  • Verse of the day
    • God speaks to us through the scriptures. It’s always encouraging to know we can apply these to every area of our life.

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FREE Miscarriage Journal Prompts

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