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Funny Pregnancy Announcement to Kids

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Surprise! We are expecting another baby due in the Spring of 2020. I am currently 17 weeks, but we told our kids a couple of months ago. Their response was not what we expected, but made for a funny pregnancy announcement.

Check out the video below to see what they thought about another baby.

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We videoed our kids surprise reaction to the news we were adding a new sibling to the family. If you are looking for a funny, cute pregnancy announcement video, look no further! #bigbrother #bigsister #letterboard

Our kids, mainly our oldest, Buddy, was clearly not happy about the idea of adding another baby to the family. Ok, so I admit, we didn’t set it up well… the announcement followed us breaking the news to them that we weren’t going to be able to go on a cruise we had planned. I would be due shortly after our trip, which far surpasses the cruise line’s cut-off for pregnant women.

Our thinking in breaking the news of these two things when we did was because Buddy kept talking about his excitement for this long-awaited cruise. It was breaking my heart knowing we wouldn’t be able to go on our trip.

*For the record: It was not my idea to tell our kids this early in advance about a trip we had planned several months out, but my excited husband could not keep our cruise a secret… oh well.

Does Buddy Really Not Want Another Baby?

We videoed our kids surprise reaction to the news we were adding a new sibling to the family. If you are looking for a funny, cute pregnancy announcement video, look no further! #bigbrother #bigsister #letterboard

You’d think after watching that funny pregnancy announcement he would not want another sibling. We get his concern… we ALL get worn out from cleaning up after a toddler. To answer the question though: YES! He really does want another baby in our family. For months leading up to this moment, he has talked about how he needed another sibling. Even said he wanted a girl.

This video was everything opposite of what he’d expressed up until that point.

As you can see from watching, Lucy could care less about the cruise. The idea of a new baby was right up her alley. Casey… well, he doesn’t really know what’s going on just yet. I’m sure he’d like a cruise or a new baby. For now, he’s just happy being the baby… and destroying a space in 2 seconds.

The Irony In Our Son’s Reaction in Our Funny Pregnancy Announcement

In case you are just tunning into our family’s lives. This will actually be our 8th child. We’ve endured multiple losses at different stages of pregnancy. My first two pregnancies were the hardest. I delivered a stillborn son at 29 weeks and carried a daughter who was deemed “incompatible with life.” For us to even have one child to love and raise was something we desperately longed for.

We learned from our hardships just how special life is. No matter how many children we end up having, we consider each and every one of them someone to be thankful for.

I could have been bothered by Buddy’s reaction, but seeing him get upset like that automatically made me reflect on what all we’d been through and where God has brought us. I knew deep down Buddy wasn’t upset about having another baby. He was sad we weren’t going on the cruise as planned. He would have expressed his disappointment at no matter what followed that news. Recognizing this fact put me at ease.

Lord-willing we will be welcoming another Pope baby to the family this Spring!

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2 thoughts on “Funny Pregnancy Announcement to Kids”

  1. I love Casey’s reaction and loving on Buddy when he is upset. Our girls always wanted another girl and our boys wanted another brother UNTIL we had five boys in a row. Everyone wanted sisters with the two youngest because they knew they couldn’t squeeze another boy into their bedrooms. Lol CONGRATULATIONS! Prayers for a easy pregnancy and healthy baby!

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