Are you looking for a mom who understands your pain?

Joy In Suffering, is a memoir of one couple's pregnancy losses and how they found happiness

Joy in suffering
joy in suffering enoch pope

“It was appalling. We felt so robbed. The closest thing I can think of is a feeling of being robbed, stripped of the most precious and valuable thing we owned. We were robbed of our child and our parenthood: my motherhood and Bobby’s fatherhood. Sure, we were young, had plenty of time to “try again,” to have a houseful of kids, but all we knew was this one child. Enoch was in fact ours, but then he wasn’t. Just as quickly as the flip of a switch, he was gone. It was unfair.”

Rosemary Pope

Just imagine that it's possible to smile again.

Are you a mother whose endured a miscarriage or infant loss?

This book is for you.

It is for those who just want someone to relate to.

It is for loss-mamas looking for someone who understands the deep pain they are experiencing.

I’ve compiled my own personal experiences into a book to share with moms just like you to know you are not alone.

I’ve delivered a stillborn baby, carried another deemed “incompatible with life,” endured two early miscarriages, and delivered four beautiful healthy children.


joy in suffering book
I’ve had the privilege of reading this book before it’s release and LET ME TELL YOU… the emotions are raw and real here. I ugly cried, laughed and felt all the warm and fuzzies while reading it. The story is incredible and heart-wrenchingly beautiful. I would not only recommend this book to anyone who has suffered perinatal loss, but anyone in general, really. It’s for those who’ve lost something real in their soul and can’t quite find how to get it back or cope with it never being quite the same. It’s for those who’ve felt they’ve lost everything, those who have experienced real anger and disappointment with God in the “WHY ME?!” times of life. It’s for those who don’t quite believe in a God that can truly wrap you in His love and hold you (even when you might not think you need Him) during the most heartbreaking times in your life. This book by a talented, up and coming author walks you through one young couple’s very real journey that has something to offer all of us. So order your copy and get ready for an amazing read!

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I had the honor of reading this book early. What a journey Rosemary and her family have been on! This book is real, raw, and vulnerable. The author courageously walks you through her loves, her fears, and her losses. You will laugh and cry and nod your head in agreement as you read these pages. I love to read about real people who have gone through real issues and are still standing. Not only are the Popes still standing, they are thriving. Joy in Suffering will help so many hearts that are breaking from their own loss in pregnancy or infant loss. ❤️

Michelle- Mother

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