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Beautiful and Unique Miscarriage Jewelry

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If you know someone who has lost a baby, chances are they are like me and would love a way to remember their baby. Miscarriage jewelry is a really sweet way to do this.

Sadly, I’ve experienced pregnancy loss a few times. I’ve been gifted several things during those hard times. My most favorite gifts are the jewelry people gave me. It’s been 10 years and I have three beautiful children I’m raising here on Earth, but often you will see me wearing pieces I’ve been gifted in remembrance of my babies in Heaven. I’ve compiled a list of several pieces of jewelry that any mother would love to have and continue to be worn for years.

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How Can Jewelry Help a Mother of Miscarriage or Infant Loss?

Often after a pregnancy or infant loss, a mother can feel like their baby is being forgotten. As sad as losing that life can be, they want a way to remember their sweet precious baby.

I share a little about the impact jewelry had on me in my book, Joy In Suffering.

They gave me a small sterling silver charm in the shape of a heart with two tiny baby feet embedded in the middle. It was another way of God affirming His love for me. It was exactly the gift I needed.

One of the mental hurdles I had to deal with was the shape of my body. It was no longer this cute little figure. Everything was bigger, curvier, stretched, and saggy. I didn’t feel pretty. And I had nothing to show for the reason my body looked the way it did. Sure, my body would have looked this way if I had given birth to a completely healthy baby. But I could say, “Yeah, I have a mom bod, but who cares?! I just gave birth to this. Look how precious!” But that wasn’t the case, and this small charm gift helped me fill that need of appearance—at least in my mind.

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List of Beautiful and Unique Jewelry for Mothers of Pregnancy and Infant Loss


Probably the most common form of jewelry for miscarriage or pregnancy and infant loss is necklaces. A mother can proudly display the love she has for her baby so others can see while also physically keeping her baby’s memory close to her heart. Most of these are customizable so if you like the style of them, be sure to click through and see all the available options.


Who doesn’t love a ring? There is something special about them. My mother lost my brother when he was only 3 days old to a heart defect. She had a gold ring with the design of a little boy on top that she wore for years. As a child I remember looking at her ring often and thinking it was so special- it still brings a smile to my face just thinking about it.


Bracelets are a beautiful reminder to a mother of the precious life she carried. She can look down while she’s driving, eating, or at the computer, etc and think of her child and know that the baby she carried was real.

Showing You Care With the Gift of Jewelry

I hope you found a piece of jewelry that will show the mother you are shopping for that you love and care for her. If you still didn’t find something on this post that you feel could work for her, I’d recommend checking out:

Are you a Mama who has endured a pregnancy, infant, or even an older child loss? What is something you were gifted that you treasure and thought was a sweet gift? I’d love to hear about it… leave your answer in the comments below.

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