Release your grief from the loss of your baby.

Choosing Joy is a journal to help you work through your thoughts and emotions of pregnancy or infant loss in a healthy, Christ-centered way so that your heart can mend.



Hi 👋🏼 I’m Rosemary. I am a mother to 8 children to date. Four in Heaven and 4 I get to raise on Earth. I delivered my stillborn son, carried my daughter deemed, “Incompatible with Life,” endured two early miscarriages, and delivered 4 healthy babies.
Two years ago, I published the book, Joy In Suffering: A memoir of one couple’s pregnancy losses and how they found happiness. Sharing my story in this way allowed me to connect with other moms going through loss and let them know they are not alone. It was my prayer that my story would give others hope that they too can live with Joy from Christ.
As time has passed, I have felt the need to come along side  women working through their own grief and make a tool to help them process their thoughts and feelings. From this idea, Choosing Joy: A Guided Journal for Mothers of  Pregnancy and Infant Loss was created.

Choosing Joy

*BRAND NEW* Guided Journal

Written by a mom you can relate to, the Choosing Joy journal thoughtfully navigates you through the waves of grief from miscarriage or infant loss. 

How this journal works:

It is divided into two sections to meet the need for that particular moment. 
Bad days- to help release the built up tension from grief.
Good days- to remember the good moments throughout the grieving process.
Simply, flip to a section and pick a page that fits the theme of the moment, or work through the journal front to back. There is no one right way to use this guided journal. 

Each entry includes:



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