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Joy in suffering

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💕It’s for anyone who has lost a loved-one and needs a story of hope.

💕It’s for someone who needs to know they are not alone in their grief.

💕It’s for those who are wanting to live a life of JOY.

Reader Review:

My heart breaks, yet rejoices as I read this book. It’s so raw, so real.💔❤️

Having walked through a miscarriage, I understand the feeling of loss of life and grieving the loss of a sweet baby I haven’t met yet. Rosemary Pope’s experiences she shares in her book are very saddening, yet full of hope as she holds onto Jesus and His promises.🌻

As she was facing the doctor’s conclusion that one of her sweet babies was not compatible outside her womb, she had to make a hard decision… In her words:

“I wanted my child. I want my motherhood. I did not want these things stolen from me again. I prayed for God to heal her body; He was the only one that could. She was beyond reparable for human hands, and she needed a miracle that only He could deliver. My conclusion that day was this: if He were to heal Mary Alice, I needed to allow Him the opportunity to do so. If I went with my feelings to terminate the pregnancy, thus ending her life, I would not be giving Him the chance. No. I would carry Mary Alice as long as I could, praying and hoping for God to heal her body. No matter the outcome of her life, I put my trust in God.”🙏🏼

Megan, Mother of 6

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