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Our Gender Reveal Story

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In case you missed it, we are expecting another baby! I am currently 21 weeks pregnant. Last week we had our big anatomy scan and got have our own little gender reveal during the sonogram.

We use a midwife and the sonographer comes to her birth center in the evenings to check on all her client’s growing babies. Last Thursday our whole family (kids included) filed into a birthing suite while I laid on a bed anxiously waiting to hear we had a healthy baby- and the gender of course.

If you are just tunning into our family’s lives

this will actually be our 8th child. We’ve endured multiple losses at different stages of pregnancy. My first two pregnancies were the hardest. I delivered a stillborn son at 29 weeks and carried a daughter who was deemed “incompatible with life.” And we had two early miscarriages. It was the big anatomy scan appointment that we found out the daughter I carried several years ago wasn’t going to make it. To say I was anxious last week really is an understatement.

How the Gender Reveal Sonogram Went

The entire appointment went really well. We do indeed have a healthy growing baby- Praise The Lord! We got to see the baby eating and my kids thought it was too funny. They were so tuned in to what the doctor was saying and soaking up this time of looking at their baby sibling.

Because of my history, anytime I have a sonogram I preface the appointment by telling the sonographer or doctor a little about my history and request they tell me everything they are looking at as they see it and how it looks. Usually doing this makes for a smoother appointment.

Nothing is worse than sensing something is wrong and them not telling you anything because they aren’t the doctor.

It’s standard practice for sonographers to not say anything when they see an issue. Being open and upfront has broken the ice during these appointments. The medical professionals involved have been more willing to share what they see instead of being so clinical.

  • We haven’t had another scare of a baby being “incompatible with life.” We’ve still had concerns arise the sonographers were willing to share right then. (placenta previa twice, and a lacrimal duct cyst).
  • Had another baby of mine appeared to have critical anomalies, the sonographer may not tell me the full diagnoses right then. Since they are aware of my history and requests though, they would probably be more cautious of their bedside manner, inform me a little about what they see, but remind me they weren’t the doctor and couldn’t give me a diagnosis. Which is still better than the standard protocol.

My husband recorded some of the appointment. The quality of the video isn’t great since it was so dark in there. Hearing my kids’ reactions are still just as sweet.

Check out the video below to watch the gender reveal of our newest baby!

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2 thoughts on “Our Gender Reveal Story”

  1. I love this so much!!!!
    Healthy baby!!!! Sweet new girl!!!
    “It’s Weiner!” “Nice sized fallis!” Bahahahaha
    Things get…ya know “spicy!!!!”. Lol
    I’m so beyond happy for y’all!!! ♥️♥️

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