our heaven baby book review

Our Heaven Baby: Book Review

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Our Heaven Baby is a book by Leah Vis and tells about her family’s experience of miscarriage through the eyes of her older children. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book for many reasons. The major reason is the importance I’ve found in including or processing grief with siblings.

our heaven baby book review

I am the mother of eight children to date. Four in Heaven, three I’m raising, and one on the way. The babies I have in Heaven passed away either before I had any living children or when my oldest was barely a toddler. I could have kept the knowledge of my Heavenly children a secret, but when it came down to it I felt my kids should know about all their siblings. In sharing this knowledge it has opened up beautiful conversations about Heaven. This has also made the memories of my babies live on.

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What is Our Heaven Baby about?

The story of Our Heaven Baby shares of a family happily expecting a new baby brother. The author shares the bliss of the new life growing, but one day the new baby passes away. The parents explain to their children this loss and where their baby brother is now- in Heaven. This leads the older siblings dreaming about what Heaven is like and how fun it must be to play with Jesus and the angels.

What do my kids think of Our Heaven Baby?

our heaven baby book review

Since my children know about their siblings in Heaven, they are very open to thoughts about Heaven. They enjoy talking about their brothers and sisters there so this book adds to the conversation. My daughter specifically was drawn to the light and airy acrylic paintings depicting the story. Honestly, she was mesmerized and enjoyed studying the beautiful pictures.

Where can I find a copy of the book?

Our Heaven Baby comes in a beautiful hardback cover and as an ebook. You can order the book on Amazon and the author’s website. You can also find more about the story behind the book and other valuable information about miscarriage on Leah’s website, or follow along on Instagram.

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