Pregnancy and Infant Loss Resource Guide

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Resources

Before I had the children I’m raising now, I endured several failed pregnancies and lost two babies that I held in my arms. Through my experiences, I found several resources for pregnancy and infant loss that were comforting to me as a grieving mother. I’ve compiled them here to share with others going through similar circumstances, or for those that know someone walking this road and want to show they care in some way.

Weather these resources are for you or a loved one, it is my hope that you find something useful on this list.

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Resource List for Pregnancy and Infant Loss

1. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS)

A NILMDTS volunteer snapped this photograph of my husband and stillborn son’s hands.

Which is an organization of volunteer photographers who will come take nice professional pictures for families who are suffering the loss of a baby.

My midwife made the call to NILMDTS and a volunteer from this organization showed up for the birth of our stillborn son. He was quiet, calm, and took the most breathtaking images I had ever seen. It was from this birth that I grasped the weight of photography and felt just how powerful it could be. Nearly 10 years later, I still find myself in awe of these photographs.

Did you notice the word “volunteer?” Therefore, they are FREE snapshots of tender memories. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift for pregnancy and infant loss.

2. I Will Carry You

Is a book written by Angie Smith. Angie shares her powerful story of loosing her child and weaves it together with the Biblical story of Lazarus. This is a book about the sacred dance of grief and joy.

I actually won a copy of this book from the author before I got pregnant with my 2nd child. I didn’t end up receiving it until after I was pregnant again. My emotions couldn’t bare to read it while expecting.  So, I saved it until after I delivered and could not put it down. I read the whole book in about a 24 hour period.

This is an excellent book for someone who has been given a hopeless diagnosis about their unborn child’s life and deciding to carry their baby despite the probable outcome. You can purchase the book here.

In case you don’t know Angie Smith, she is the wife of Todd Smith. Todd is a member of the gospel group, Selah, and they produced a song in memory of the daughter Angie carried. It is a beautiful song for someone who has experienced a pregnancy and infant loss. You can get the song here.

3. A Deeper Shade of Grace

This is an older book that may require a little bit of digging around the internet to find, but it is well worth the search.

Another book for pregnancy and infant loss written by Bernadette Keaggy. Bernadette writes with candor about the hurt and confusion that shook her to the core of her being. Through her own journey she leads us not to simple answers but to spiritual understanding. Bernadette’s thoughtful, inspiring account offers profound insight to anyone who has ever looked at life’s moments of happiness and loss and wondered why.

A friend of mine gave me her copy of this book. A mentor gifted her the book when she needed it. This was another book that helped me through that tough season of life. This book is ideal for someone experiencing multiple pregnancy losses.

4. A Grief Observed

A book written by C. S. Lewis. Lewis’s honest reflection on the fundamental issues of life, death, and faith in the midst of loss. This work contains his concise, genuine reflections of that period… This is a beautiful and unflinchingly honest record of how even a stalwart believer can lose all sense of meaning in the universe, and how he can gradually regain his bearings.

I came across this book this past year and wondered why I had never seen it before. It’s a small book that is packed with a ton of good nuggets. In this book, C. S. Lewis is working through his own grief of his wife’s passing.

Though he is not grieving the loss of a child, I feel it is something that anyone in a season of grief can relate to.

5. The Lord of Birth

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Written by Jennifer Vanderlaan. A devotional Bible study for pregnancy that teaches and reminds women to put their hope and trust in our Lord.

My midwife gave me this book at the beginning of my last pregnancy and instantly liked what it had to offer. As a seasoned mother who has experienced seven pregnancies in one way or another, I wished I had found this devotional years ago.

This would make a lovely gift for a new or experienced mother. There is something for everyone in this devotional.

6. James Avery Charms

My personal charm bracelet.

Beautiful, well-crafted, quality charms for all occasions. These would make stunning keepsakes of children that have passed. A person can have it engraved to make the charm more sentimental.


7. Willow Tree Statues

My 1st Willow Tree Statue. I was given this one at the passing of our stillborn son, Enoch.

Small figure like statues known for their simple but detailed in gesture statures.

I was an instant fan when I received my first one as a gift for the passing of my first child. I was so touched by the statue that I now have a small collection of them that represent different times in my journey to motherhood.

There are several statues to choose from for sympathy or remembrance that are perfect as a thoughtful gift.

8. Scentsy Buddies

These are stuffed-animals with a zipper in the back to put a Scentsy scent pak in it.

I was gifted one of these at the birth of my daughter, Mary Alice. I had my husband make the weight of the Scentsy Buddy match the weight of our daughter. He put small weights in the zipper pouch. I carried or slept with that stuffed-animal when I needed it. Now, this gift is loved on in a completely different way. All the weights are gone and it can usually be found with a pretend diaper and a bib around its neck from my daughter, Lucy, playing house with it. It has since served as a conversation starter with my children to tell them about the babies I carried before them.

Ideal for a mother of empty arms needing something to hold.

9. BabyCenter Community

A website dedicated to women in all walks of parenthood who can connect with others walking through similar stages of life: trying to conceive, infertility, pregnancy, pregnancy and infant loss, baby milestones, and beyond.

I engaged in this community often while I was pregnant with Mary Alice. This community served as a way for me to connect with others experiencing the same things I was which helped me get through those seasons of life.

10. Joy In Suffering

Lastly, in my book, Joy In Suffering, I highly recommend it. Call me bias, I can’t deny it… it’s my life! I strongly feel this book has the ability to help any mother experiencing infertility or a loss of some kind. I use to search the internet to find anyone I could relate to and this book is my way of giving back.

Although these are not a lot of resources for pregnancy and infant loss, these are the ones I recommend when asked. The resources on this list are what helped me and I can only imagine these resources being of help to others too. Is there something(s) that have helped you through a pregnancy loss? Tell me about them in the comments below.

-Rosemary Pope

p.s. Are you looking for a way to help you process your feelings and emotions? You may like this FREE Miscarriage Journal Prompts printable.

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