remembrance celebration of a baby

Remembrance Celebration of a baby

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I was invited to share my story at M.E.N.D.’s Walk to Remember annual event. It’s a remembrance celebration honoring our precious babies’ lives gone too soon.

If you are a fellow loss-mama and need somewhere to connect, M.E.N.D. (Mother’s Enduring Neonatal Death) is an amazing organization to turn to. They have chapters all over the United States and online.

The founder, Rebekah, is gentle & kind. She knows the pain of grief and has a heart for moms; which is why I feel her ministry has been impactful to many.

Where to Watch the Talk

My husband, Bobby, filmed every chance he got and I made two videos from the day of the remembrance ceremony.

Watch to see this beautiful memorable event and then to listen as I share my story with other families.

You can find more information about M.E.N.D. at their website,, and on Facebook @MENDInfantLoss

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Remembrance Celebration of a Baby

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